I was delighted to be invited to speak at the SCRIBO seminar this week, a virtual seminar series on ancient writing hosted in Bologna by Silvia Ferrara, who runs the ERC-sponsored INSCRIBE project.

You can view the whole talk on YouTube here:

It is a rather long video (an hour or so of the talk and an hour or so of questions), so you may want to watch it in chunks! It begins with theoretical perspectives, and the idea of bringing linguistic and contextual approaches to writing together – these are the values on which the CREWS project is founded.

Then the rest of the talk concentrates on writing in Bronze Age Cyprus, especially on the difficulties of establishing the Cypro-Minoan sign repertoire, the varied nature of Cypro-Minoan writing and the use of experimental methods to reconstruct writing practices and stylus shapes.

~ Pippa Steele (PI of the CREWS project)

Pippa for website

One thought on “Video: Pippa speaking on writing systems and practices, and writing in Bronze Age Cyprus

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