If you have ever wanted to learn an ancient writing system, you have come to the right place! We are developing a set of videos, aimed at family audiences, that guide you through the basics of different ancient writing systems and show you how to write your name or a short inscription.

The videos work in conjunction with our ‘write your name’ worksheets. You can find the full set in our resources section (here), but there are also links to the relevant worksheets for each video below.


Write your name in Phoenician worksheet

Alphabetic cuneiform

Write your name in Ugaritic worksheet

Linear B

Write your name in Linear B worksheet

Make your own Linear B tablet worksheet

Egyptian hieroglyphs

Write your name in Egyptian hieroglyphs worksheet

Greek alphabet

Write your name in the Greek alphabet worksheet

Cretan alphabet

Write your name in the Cretan alphabet worksheet

You can use these videos and worksheets to work out how to write your name or short messages in an ancient writing system, and you can even try making your own version of an ancient inscription. Please do get in touch and share your creations with us – we would love to see them, and your feedback is also very valuable to us! You can tag @crewsproject on Twitter to share photos or contact us in another way, or if you just want to leave feedback then you can use the form below.

The image at the top of this page is a clay statuette of a figure writing on a folding writing tablet, from Thebes (Greece), late 6th or early 5th C BC. © 2002 RMN / Hervé Lewandowski (Musée du Louvre). Image from here.