We are pleased to tell you that the CREWS project will be hosting one final seminar on its last day, Friday 30th September 2022 (at 3.00pm BST, by Zoom). All are welcome!

We will be joined by our long-distance Visiting Fellow Robert Martin of the University of Toronto, who is now working as archaeology co-ordinator for the Saugeen Ojibwe Nation. Sadly it turned out that Robert could not visit us in person in Cambridge, but he is nevertheless sharing his research with us and will give a paper on “A Late Bronze Age Early Alphabetic Inscription from Mycenae (Greece)”.

Here is the Zoom link to join us on Friday: https://cam-ac-uk.zoom.us/j/96888462622?pwd=cUhuQkRidkZCNlRJMHZSZG0vV3F2dz09

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