Scribes in granary2
Egyptian model granary with scribes, Met Museum.

I am delighted to present a very exciting programme of events here in Cambridge with the CREWS project this term. Egypt and Mesopotamia, Cyprus and Crete – we have got it all covered! If you are in Cambridge, please come and join us.

The talks are mainly given by CREWS Visiting Fellows, with a couple of others thrown in by colleagues speaking on relevant research themes. If you are interested in ancient writing, this is turning into a very exciting term!

Please note that due to the coming UCU strike, there have been changes to some of these dates/locations, which have been marked in red below. There is also a note at the end regarding the strike.



Wednesday 5th February (4.15pm for tea, paper at 4.30pm, room 1.11, Faculty of Classics)

Brent Davis (Melbourne)

“New comparative syllabotactic analyses of Aegean scripts: interim results”

Mycenaean seminar


Wednesday 12th March (4.15pm for tea, paper at 4.30pm, room 1.11, Faculty of Classics)

Daniel Harbour (Queen Mary)

“The rise of vowel writing and the transmission of writing within and beyond Afroasiatic”

Indo-European seminar


Tuesday 18th February (**4.00pm**, room 1.11, Faculty of Classics – with apologies for lack of tea)

Kathryn Piquette (UCL) and Martina Polig (Ghent / Cyprus Institute, Nicosia)

“Imaging techniques in the study of ancient inscriptions”

CREWS seminar


Wednesday 26th February (paper at 4.30pm, Thomas Gray Room, second court, Pembroke College)

Marina Fernández Monterrubio (Barcelona)

“Non-Greek Theonyms on Crete: the case of pi-pi-tu-na, Diktynna and Britomartis”

Paper in the Mycenaean seminar, title TBC


Wednesday 4th March (4.00pm for tea, paper at 4.30pm, Cripps Auditorium, Magdalene College – please click through for a map showing the location, as Cripps Court is on Chesterton Road and not in the main part of college)

Martina Polig (Ghent / Cyprus Institute, Nicosia)

“3D approaches for the documentation and study of Cypro-Minoan – Creating a strong foundation for future research”

CREWS seminar


Friday 6th March (4.15pm for tea, paper at 4.30pm, room 1.04, Faculty of Classics)

Kathryn Piquette (UCL)

“Consuming Early Writing in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia: A phenomenological approach”

CREWS seminar


Note on the UCU strike

I would like to express our solidarity with everyone who will be participating in UCU strike action, on behalf of everyone here at CREWS.

I also want to make clear that the CREWS project is funded by the European Research Council, and our ultimate contractual responsibilities are with them. The ERC is not involved in this dispute, and we cannot in good conscience fail to fulfil our responsibilities to our funding body. However, we do want to do all we can to express solidarity with those on strike.

Every seminar listed above as a CREWS seminar is not a Faculty of Classics event (unlike those listed as Mycenaean seminar* or Indo-European seminar) but an ERC-sponsored special CREWS event. The speakers’ visits and the seminars themselves are paid for with ERC funds.

We have done our best to acknowledge the strike by moving one CREWS seminar to a college location (Magdalene College, which also is not involved in the dispute) and moving the date of the other to a non-strike day. Because our Visiting Fellows are only with us for a short time, these were the only possible dates we could manage.

*Please note that the Mycenaean seminar taking place on 26th February, which is a strike day, is not a CREWS seminar and I have no control over its timing or location. Please let me know if you would like further information on this seminar (or any other in the Mycenaean or Indo-European seminar series) and I can put you in touch with the relevant convener.

I hope that everyone, including those participating in the strike action, will still be able to come to the seminars. However, of course I understand if anyone still feels conflicted about doing so (and welcome feedback if you would like to get in touch).

~ Pippa Steele, PI of the CREWS project



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