The third CREWS project conference was held online on Thursday 18th and Friday 19th November 2021. It was published in September 2022.

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These papers are available to view on our YouTube channel by clicking on the links.

Thursday 18th November

1.30pm: Zoom session opens for “arrivals”

1.40pm: Welcome, and some opening words about CREWS

2.00pm: Pippa Steele: What is involved in approaching writing ‘holistically’? A look at writing (system) developments in the Bronze Age Aegean

2.40pm: Willemijn Waal: Relations between script, writing material and layout: the case of the Anatolian Hieroglyphs

3.20pm: Break

3.30pm: Robert Crellin: Word division in Sicilian inscriptions

4.10pm: Csaba La’da: What is an Alphabet good for?

4.50pm: Break

5.00pm: Natalia Elvira Astoreca: Measuring particularity and similarity in archaic Greek alphabets with NLP

5.40pm: Rostislav Oreshko: Borrowing, invention, remodelling: Observations on the rare letters of the Phrygian alphabet and the problem of formation of Anatolian alphabets

6.20pm: End of day 1

Friday 19th November

1.30pm: Presentation by Charles (Pico) Rickleton on his Cypriot art project

2.00pm: Cassandra Donnelly: Cypro-Minoan and its potmarks and vessel inscriptions as challenges to Aegean Scripts corpora

2.40pm: Martina Polig: Ductus in Cypro-Minoan writing. Definition, purpose and distribution of stroke types

3.20pm: Break

3.30pm: Beatrice Pestarino: The introduction of the Greek alphabet in Cyprus, a case study in material culture

4.10pm: Michel de Vreeze: The death of alphabets at the end of the Bronze Age. How does the Deir ‘Alla alphabet fit the picture?

4.50pm: Break

5.00pm: Kathryn Piquette: Early Egyptian writing from the perspective of the embodied practitioner

5.40pm: Philip Boyes: The magic of writing

6.20pm: Closing words

6.30pm: Informal open discussion

7.00pm: End of day 2

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