We would like to offer teachers an exciting opportunity to take part in a pilot scheme for our Writing in the Ancient World teaching materials (aimed at Key Stage 2 or equivalent).

The aim of this pilot scheme is to ‘road test’ our teaching materials, so we are looking for teachers who have classes in the right age bracket (age 7-11) and would be willing to try out our materials and provide feedback. If you are interested, please keep reading.

What would we need from you?

Firstly we need a commitment that you would use our teaching materials in the classroom at some time in the current academic year (up to summer 2021). Before and after that teaching takes place, we will ask you to send us feedback on the materials, the ways in which you use them and their effectiveness in class.

Why are we seeking this feedback?

We are aiming to measure the impact of our teaching resources through quantitative and qualitative analysis. You would be helping with the latter, demonstrating whether the resources can be used effectively in the classroom. This also helps us to think about ways in which we can improve the resources for the future.

Are there any requirements about how the teaching is done?

All we require is that the teaching uses our materials as a basis. The whole point of these resources is that they should be adaptable to your particular circumstances, so it doesn’t matter whether you make one class out of it or a series of multiple classes, or whether you decide to incorporate all or only some of the packs and activities. We also understand that in light of the current Covid-19 crisis teaching may have to be delivered in a remote way if circumstances change over the course of the academic year.

What do you get out of this?

We hope that the main benefit will be an opportunity to introduce some new exciting teaching topics into the classroom. This is also a professional development opportunity that will be certified and make an excellent addition to your CV.

The first ten people to sign up for the focus group will receive a free gift.

How do I sign up?

Please send an email to crews@classics.cam.ac.uk with ‘WAW focus group’ in the subject box, and tell us who you are and (briefly) why you would like to be involved. Use the same address if you have any questions about the pilot scheme.