Back in December we had to pleasure to be involved in a conference organised by CREWS Visiting Fellow Giorgos Bourogiannis, Beyond Cyprus: Investigating Cypriot Connectivity in the Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the End of the Classical Period. This was an impressive four-day event, organised as part of Giorgos’s project on Cypriot Connectivity in the Mediterranean (CyCoMed), which is affiliated with the CREWS project.

The theme of the conference was the multifarious and fluid relationship between ancient Cyprus and the world(s) around it, looking at a very wide range of issues including trade, religion, military connections, the proliferation of Cypriot material culture outside Cyprus, mobility and migration, multiway cultural and artistics influences, languages and writing – which, of course, is where we came in.

The whole conference is now available to view on YouTube, kindly uploaded by the hosting organisation, the National Hellenic Research Foundation. You can read the programme for the whole conference HERE, and the videos are posted below. If you are interested in CREWS then you may want to look out for presentations by Philip (“The social context of Cypriot writing at Ugarit: Cypriot communities and Levantine elites”, Day 2, c.44 minutes in) and Pippa (“Cypriot writing practices through the ages, and their interactions with the Aegean”, Day 4, c.1 hr 20 minutes in).

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