We’re back with more talks from last March’s CREWS Conference ‘Exploring the Social and Cultural Contexts of Historic Writing Systems‘. Today’s papers come from our sessions on the archaeology and materiality of writing.Remember you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to be kept up to date with the release of more videos like these.

Dr Philip Boyes, CREWS, University of Cambridge – The Social Archaeology of Writing Systems

Dr Karenleigh Overmann, University of Bergen and University of Colorado, Colorado Springs – A Cognitive Archaeology of Writing: Concepts, Models, Goals

Dr Nancy Highcock, University of Cambridge – The Afterlives (and contemporary lives) of Inscribed Commemorative Objects: the transformation of personal memory in Mesopotamian temple contexts

Dr Agata Ulanowska, University of Warsaw & Professor Marie-Louise Nosch, SAXO-Institute, Copenhagen – Materiality of the Cretan Hieroglyphic Script

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