In a recent post we asked people to get in touch and let us know if they had used CREWS materials in teaching or other activities, to help us keep track of how we are reaching people – and what more we can do. We would like to thank everyone who has replied to our plea so far, and we are absolutely delighted with the communications we have received.

One particularly proud moment was to see that our Twitter friend ‘Team Cuneiform’ (@cooleiform) had used some of our ‘write your name’ sheets at a roleplaying convention in Helsinki. We understand that Linear B was a particular hit, even though it is not always the easiest script to write in!

We heard from others around the world too, some who have enjoyed our blog posts for their personal enjoyment or research, and others who have used our materials and blog posts in teaching courses. It is very exciting to know that CREWS is having an impact in so many places. Most of the ones we know about so far are in Europe or North America, but we hope there are more out there.

We would still love to hear from anyone who has used CREWS for teaching or pleasure – please do contact us (see more on the original plea here)!


Photo by @cooleiform.


2 thoughts on “CREWS around the world

  1. Hi Pippa, Of course I find your Crews project for Linear B fascinating. As you know I am studying Linear B here in Crete, where it all happened. I find your blog posts enormously interesting and I was particularly interested in the biscuits cooked with Linear B inscriptions on them although, I haven’t tried them myself yet. Keep up the good work.Thanks Rita Roberts.

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