The CREWS project Twitter feed has gone Lego crazy today, as you may have noticed. And with good reason, because today is International Lego Classicism Day (look for the #ILCD2018 hashtag on Twitter and you’ll see what I mean).


Our resident CREWS office scribe was the first to get in on the act.


But on his tour he was a little bit freaked out by the Phaistos Disk. “Are you sure that’s writing?” Of course, the trouble is that nobody’s really sure what’s going on with that disk… Meanwhile, Batman staged a concert on top of the office wugs (if you are wondering what wugs are, well, they refer to a famous linguistic experiment).


(I’d apologise for the shameless book plug, but Philip took the picture, not me!)

I also dug out some pictures of an old Lego build, the pyramid released quite a few years back, which features some Egyptian hieroglyphs.


Then, just when you’d think the day couldn’t get any better, Amy Coker (@AECoker) sent us pictures of her wonderful Linear B knitting! These two signs are ‘ko’ and ‘wa’, spelling out the Mycenaean Greek word for “girl”, korwa.

Amy Coker knitted Linear B.jpg

Well that’s it for now, but if you’ve done anything fun with ancient writing, whether that involves wool or Lego or cookie dough or anything really, please send us pictures! There are all sorts of ways to contact us.


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