Philip has just given an interview for Atlas Obscura, all about his adventures in making Ugaritic cookies. As regular readers will know, this is more than just baking – this is a lovely opportunity to work on replica Ugaritic cuneiform tablets, think about how they were inscribed, and then eat the results afterwards!


You can read the article here:

When Ancient Writing Is an Art, Science, and Snack

You can also view this video that sparked the article by visiting this post:

Baking With CREWS – Ugaritic Tablet Biscuits


And if this makes you keen for more, have a look at some of our earlier posts on the theme of ancient baking, such as:

A Taste of Ancient Writing

Making and baking inscriptions

Phaistos Discuits!


If you have a go at making your own edible inscriptions, please do let us know! You can use our contact form, find us on Twitter (@crewsproject) or send us an email (

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