This week, the European Research Council is celebrating its 10th anniversary. As a body that provides large-scale funding for researchers and their projects, the ERC has made a staggering difference to the world of academia. A project like CREWS simply wouldn’t be possible without this type of funding – and when you multiply that by all the other wonderful projects funded by the ERC in both the arts/humanities and sciences, it adds up to a huge impact on our knowledge and understanding of the world.


Today, I’ve been at an event based in Cambridge where the Principal Investigators of ERC grants in the arts, humanities and social sciences gave presentations to explain the work they are doing with their projects. Hosted at the McDonald Institute (the home of archaeology in Cambridge), it was a very jolly and incredibly enjoyable event. Just to hear the advances that have been possible with ERC funding was a joy – and it was a privilege to speak as one of the Principal Investigators.


We were fortunate to be joined by the President of the European Research Council, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, who later spoke at another related event and expressed his thanks to everyone taking part in today’s presentations, as well as explaining his hopes and expectations for the future of ERC funding. You can learn more about the ERC’s 10th anniversary celebrations HERE (as you will see if you follow the link, the ERC has made a huge impact on research in countries across the world, not only across Europe).


ERC funding has made the CREWS project a reality – without funding of this type or on this scale, it would simply be impossible to attempt the sorts of ambitious combined and comparative analyses of different areas that form the crux of the project. The presentation I gave today lasted 15 minutes and went into some detail on the different areas we will be focusing on as our research progresses. Unfortunately I can’t recreate that here, but if you would like to hear some snippets about what we are doing at the CREWS project,  have a look at the video at the bottom of the page.

I’d just like to finish by wishing the ERC a very happy birthday – and by thanking everyone involved in this incredible organisation for all the work they do to support excellent research.

~ Pippa Steele (Principal Investigator of the CREWS project)


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